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Best Vertical Radiators For Heating Your Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

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Best Vertical Radiators For Heating Your Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

Vertical radiators are hugely popular and, with energy prices soaring, you may be thinking about updating your original radiators to something more efficient. Vertical radiators can look sleek, contemporary and stylish, plus if you have a small or oddly-shaped room, then vertical radiators might be a better fit than a horizontal one. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the best vertical radiators for heating your home.

What are vertical radiators?

Stunning pink column radiator on the wall of a contemporary kitchen
Credit: Shutterstock

As the name suggests, vertical radiators are simply radiators that are designed to be vertical rather than horizontal! They’re most commonly used as a space-saving option as they take up less wall space that horizontal options. They can also sometimes be more efficient, as they’re less likely to be blocked by heavy furniture such as sofas. In the past, vertical radiators were seen as being less efficient than their horizontal counterparts as they lost heat through the top, but with modern radiators this is no longer a concern.

How to choose the best vertical radiators

Before you choose any kind of radiator, you need to know what BTU output you need. ‘BTU’ stands for British Thermal Units, and it’s a measure of how efficient the radiator is. The amount of heat needed to warm up your room will depend on size, how many windows there are and a range of other factors, so use an online calculator to work out the size of radiator you’ll need.

Next, look at the space available. If the only wall space you have is under the window, then you’re stuck with a horizontal radiator. If you only have a narrow space available such as the wall between two windows, then a vertical radiator often looks nicer and will be just as efficient.

Choose a radiator with the appropriate number of BTUs – too high, and you’ll be overheating the room unnecessarily. Too low, and it will always be a bit chilly in there! Vertical radiators tend to have a sleek, contemporary appearance so they can form a focal point of the room and really be made into part of your interior design. There’s a vast range of colour and finish options available these days, so you can go as subtle or bold as you like.

Best vertical radiators to buy

Check out our selection of the best vertical radiators:

Oscar sectional aluminium radiator, The Radiator Company

Best vertical radiators for small spaces
Oscar sectional aluminium radiator, The Radiator Company

Available in a choice of 55 colours, this Italian design (above and main image) uses clean narrow vertical columns to help build upward space while giving you the opportunity to do more with the floor. It’s perfect for a range of spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms and hallways.  The Oscar vertical radiator is made from aluminium, making it light and easy to install on any wall. Prices start from £90.96, available from The Radiator Company.

Milano Aruba Ardus radiator, Best Heating

Milano Aruba Ardus radiator in anthracite grey, Best Heating

Make a style statement whilst bringing warmth and comfort to your room with the easy to use and eco-friendly Milano Aruba Ardus anthracite vertical dry (electric) heat radiator. Fast to heat up and cool down, this dry heat radiator features the latest in electric heating technology for a convenient and maintenance-free heating solution. Prices start at £519.95, available from Best Heating. Also available in other colour options.

EliteHeat steel ladder heated towel rail, Only Radiators

Best vertical radiators for a bathroom
EliteHeat steel ladder heated towel rail, Only Radiators

Need a vertical radiator for a bathroom? A heated towel rail is the answer. We like this unusual brushed brass option with a little contemporary flair. Metallics are still on trend so it’s a great way to update an interior.  It comes complete with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind, and costs £199.99 from Only Radiators.

Main image shows the Oscar sectional aluminium radiator, The Radiator Company


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