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Why You Must Consider Foundation Waterproofing in 2022 

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Why You Should Trust Experts For Basement Waterproofing in Toronto - NOW  Magazine

Foundation waterproofing is not a luxury but rather an essential for contemporary houses, especially those houses which have basements. Foundation proofing is nothing but sealing cracks and repairing any damage that is caused to the foundation of your building to ensure that you don’t have leaky floors or musty mould-infested basements. 

Still not convinced that you must consider foundation waterproofing during the time of your house construction? Reads along to know more about the benefits of foundation waterproofing and why you must not skip getting your home waterproofed in 2022. 

Advantages of foundation waterproofing 

There is a plethora of reasons why you must hire a waterproofer for your home. Here are a few reasons why you must consider foundation waterproofing 

Make your home disease free 

If you ignore addressing damp and leaky floors in your home for a long period, your home will become a breeding ground for moulds, fungus and mildews. This in turn may cause several serious respiratory ailments and put your and your family’s health at risk. 

Increase your home value 

No one wants to buy a house which has a leaky basement or a dilapidated foundation. So, if you want to increase your home sale value, then make sure that you are waterproofing your home so that there are no leaky floors or mould-infested basements in your home. 

Increase the shelf-life of your home

Want to increase the shelf life of your new home? You can now strengthen the foundation of your building by waterproofing it during its time of construction. 

Make the most of your basement 

Do you have a basement in your home but never use it because you are scared that the goods you store in them might get damaged? You can make the most of your basement space by waterproofing your foundation. This will ensure that there is no leakage or flooding in your basement and you can store your goods in your basement without having to worry about fungus or moulds.  

Popular types of foundation waterproofing 

Proper water drainage 

A proper drainage system is the best way to ensure that your home foundation doesn’t fall victim to water leakage and flooding. Make sure that the water doesn’t get crowded around your foundation and instead gets thrown out through a French drain or a PVC pipe. 

Interior sealants 

Are you looking for ways to keep the humidity level in your basement low? You can hire a waterproofer to waterproof your basement with interior sealants. You can consider sealing cracks and openings on the walls and floors of your basement with strong adhesives like Epoxies, or pressure inject urethanes into the cracks and the openings on the walls and the floors. 

Exterior basement proofing 

You can consider coating your exterior basement walls with polymer-based waterproofing materials which will protect them from moisture. The best part about polymer-based waterproofing materials is that they aren’t affected by the soil’s pH and they last you for many years to come. You can directly spray them on your basement walls, and they dry quickly. These waterproofing materials are also flexible, which means that you don’t have to worry about them cracking due to weather fluctuations. 

Foundation waterproofing might seem like an added expense in the beginning. However, in the long run, it will save you a lot of money and energy. So, are you convinced that you must waterproof your home at the time of its construction? 

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