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What You Need to Know About Spray Foam Insulation

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Everything You Need To Know About Spray Foam Insulation ...

Houses made of foam blocks are able to retain heat, but still need additional insulation work. It is important that the walls are warm, which will not only reduce the possibility of freezing of the material, but also not to be spent on additional electricity consumption according to toronto spray foam contractor.

Nominally, it is possible to divide the insulation work into those that will be carried out internally as well as into exterior works. In general, foam blocks have a good texture to heat, but sometimes it is still better to heat the premises further.

Heating the house from blocks of foam outside

Experts advise not to neglect and still insulate the foam concrete houses from the outside, because in this way the material will be protected not only from the effects of water, but will not be able to freeze. Naturally, therefore, their service life is significantly increased. That is why it is very important to choose the right material.

External insulation is the most effective

Exterior coating when the insulation is lined with additional material. For foam concrete it is better to choose lighter structures, because, for example, the brick is too heavy. In order not to break the foam blocks, you must first create a very stable one.

The scheme of the heating blocks of foam

Mineral wool

Universal, not too expensive, but gives a good material for thermal insulation. It is vapor permeable, which is why not only the blocks are well ventilated, but also the room inside.

It is necessary to provide access to the air mine

In addition, it is fire resistant, durable. But these qualities of mineral wool will be observed only if water does not penetrate into it. Otherwise, saturated with it, the material will significantly reduce its thermal insulation properties.

The process of laying insulation

But mineral wool also has disadvantages:

During installation it is necessary to work in respirators;

Improper installation will give additional shrinkage of the material;

Over time, if no waterproofing is performed, its properties will decrease.

Expanded polystyrene

Unlike the previous material, it is not completely exposed to water.

No additional waterproofing is required

In addition, it is cheaper than cotton wool, has high frost resistance, the ability to insulate sounds, and its thermal characteristics are an order of magnitude higher.

Cheaper than mineral wool

In this case, the foam needs additional coating, as under the direct influence of the rays it can be destroyed.

Insulation of the house from blocks of foam inside

If external insulation is required, internal insulation is not always required. If you stick only to the lined foam concrete with any material on the outside, then the walls will be cold. This will contribute to the condensation of moisture on them, which can manifest itself with the appearance of mold and moisture.

Therefore, the insulation work is carried out either only from the outside, or these two methods of finishing work are combined together.

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