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Using Surface Protection to Protect Your Luxury Home Furnishings When Having a Party

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Using Surface Protection to Protect Your Luxury Home Furnishings When Having a Party

Throwing a party can be fun, exciting and unfortunately costly if your carpet and other finishes are damaged. From a red wine spill on your white carpet to ghastly sights in the bathroom, it helps to ward off issues prior to your guests’ arrival.

There are several steps you can take to protect your home while still making your home inviting to guests. This checklist is just that-no two homes or homeowners are the same so just choose what may work for you!

  1. Ask guests to remove their shoes: This will keep your carpets clean from dirt, snow and grime carried in on shoe bottoms. It will also show off the original carpet as is, without a covering. If you’re operating home tours and showings, disposable shoe covers are a great way to keep floors clean, and showcase your commitment to cleanliness.
  2. Create a “Kids Area”: This will help keep little feet from running throughout the home to reduce the chance of spills. It also keeps the noise down for other guests.
  3. Consider using carpet protection film: Easy to use carpet mask can be used on a high traffic area of your carpet. This clear, adhesive mask film protects carpets from spills and dirt. If you don’t like the look of clear plastic on your carpets, throw rugs can also work in high traffic areas. Carpet films make cleanup after parties quick and easy, as it is quickly pulled off of clean carpeting. Stairs are the toughest carpets to clean, so using a carpet mask/film to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place is the best way to ensure clean carpeted stairs.
  4. Make certain areas “Off Limits”: There is no reason for guests to enter your master bedroom, bathrooms or guest bedrooms unless invited. The fewer areas accessible to guests, the easier it is to keep your home clean.
  5. Provide small plates, napkins and coasters in several areas: This will help ensure that guests don’t walk around with that cheese nibble dripping on your floors. Make it easy for guests to protect your home furnishings so you’ll reduce the chance for stains to show up on your couch, your coffee table, or your carpet.
  6. Provide additional trash receptacles: Make sure no one has to hold onto paper plates or used napkins for too long will help keep upholstery and floors clean and will free up guests’ hands for more important things, like making sure their drink doesn’t spill. Disposable and recyclable Ramboard trash boxes can be used in many areas and covered with party decorations. A disposable trash can not only collects trash, but can be thrown away at the end of a party.
  7. Use Toilet Sheaths in private bathrooms: Plastic Toilet Sheaths are a great way to remind your guests that this toilet is for “homeowner use only” and that they need to use the guest bathroom toilets only.
  8. Use Door Jamb Protection: The catering company often needs to carry dishes, serving carts and food trays in and out of the kitchen area. Make it easy for them by providing temporary door jamb protection which will prevent scratches and dings to your door frames.
  9. Protect Wood Floors: Use tacky, Surface Liner Vapor or Clean and Safe floor protection to prevent scratches to wood floors during deliveries. These wood floor protection products can also be used as runners on high traffic areas of your beautiful wood floors.
  10. Clean up spills as soon as possible: Before retiring to bed after the party, do a walk through of your home and wipe up any spills. Don’t let your stains go untreated for too long as wine stains are way tougher to remove the morning after.

Throwing a party can be fun and even better when you can relax knowing that your protected home finishes will still look great long after your guests have left. No need to stress, relax so that you can be a great host and throw a memorable party.

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