June 14, 2024

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Tour Jessica Alba’s Newly Revamped Los Angeles Studio

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Jessica Alba’s YouTube subscribers are in for a treat. The actress and founder of the Honest Company, known for its clean and natural consumer goods, just teamed up with Amazon Home to transform her Los Angeles studio workspace that’s used for filming YouTube videos.

The chic four-room loft, known as Summit House Studios, is complete with a kitchen, nursery, office space and living room and is filled with furniture and decor exclusively from Amazon Handmade as well as Amazon’s Rivet and Stone & Beam brands. Since Alba often produces YouTube videos with her friend, Lizzy Mathis, who’s also a mother of three, the duo longed for a multifunctional workspace (Mathis is the co-founder and creative director of Summit House Studios). Not only do they spend time in the studio capturing a range of lifestyle video content, whether it’s a beauty tutorial or a casual cooking demonstration, but if necessary, their kids can visit while they’re hard at work.

jessica alba amazon home studio makeover

The living room before and after.

Tom Gault

When it came to designing the space, Alba didn’t think twice about opting for a neutral color palette with pops of peach, navy and gray tones. “The space was previously a rental with a dark color palette and a Gramercy Park Hotel feel, but that’s not the vibe we wanted for filming,” Alba told Good Housekeeping. “We wanted the studio to be fun, light and airy.” From there, the star peppered in natural textures and handmade finds. “Handmade accessories ground the space and make it feel a little bit more personal,” she says.

jessica alba amazon home studio makeover

Since Jessica Alba and her friend and colleague, Lizzy Mathis, each have three children, a nursery was a non-negotiable.

Tom Gault

Mathis also played a role in the studio’s decor, drawing inspiration from her time living in New York City. “Lizzy understands how important it is to get so much out of one little space,” Alba says. “We had to compartmentalize — use rugs to separate different areas in a room or install a shelf to make up for limited space. There’s even a kitchen island that we use for cooking, but when guests are over, we can add seating and make it a dining table.”

jessica alba amazon home studio makeover

The studio’s light-filled office area.

Tom Gault

While Alba enjoys working in the studio, she acknowledges that it has a completely different aesthetic than her personal home, which features influences from the south of France and a modern Parisian apartment. From all-black doors and window frames to brass hardware and light wood floors, it’s the complete opposite of the studio’s blush tones. “My house is less feminine, because I have to consider Cash (Warren), my husband,” she says.

Alba says the key to nailing the studio’s stylish look wasn’t just sticking to one color palette. Mixing design styles, thanks to furniture and accessories sourced from Amazon’s distinct home brands, also brought the space to life. “If you stick to all farmhouse or all modern minimalist, then your space will look like a theme,” Alba says. “It’s more fun to mix it up, and it looks more collected.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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