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Top 25 Plant Based Instagram Influencers most followed in 2020

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1. Anthony William

Bio 📚#1 NY Times Bestselling Author 🎤Podcast Host 🙏🏼Helping people overcome illness 💚Originator of Global Celery Juice Movement   Instagram Handle @medicalmedium Instagram Followers 2,600,000   Website https://www.medicalmedium.com Location United States

2. Ella Mills

Bio Founded by Ella Mills✨Celebrating plant-based living with cookbooks, an app, podcast, granola, muesli, energy balls, oat bars, frozen meals & a deli❤️   Instagram Handle @deliciouslyella Instagram Followers 1,800,000   Website https://deliciouslyella.com Location London, United Kingdom

3. Toni

Bio We all want to be healthier & eat well for less. PlantBasedonaBudget.com – tag our recipes #plantbasedonabudget to be reposted 🙂   Instagram Handle @plantbasedonabudget Instagram Followers 389,000   Website https://plantbasedonabudget.com Location Sacramento, California, United States

4. Catherine

Bio MS, RD 🍽Dietitian and blogger sharing delicious, easy vegan recipes & wellness tips daily. [she/her] 🌱🇩🇴🥭🍚🍵 🖥 List of my recipes:   Instagram Handle @plantbasedrd Instagram Followers 310,000   Website https://plantbasedrdblog.com Location West Hartford, Connecticut, United States

5. Lena Ropp

Bio Inspiring a Healthy You & Planet 🌿🌎 🌿 Plant-Based Chef 🌟 WIFEY | MAMA 4 💚 + 1 🐾 ✨ All my recipes in eBooks   Instagram Handle @pureveganfood Instagram Followers 244,300 ” Location United States

6. Francesca

Bio 🎥 YouTube: Plantifully Based 🌟 plantifullybasedblog.com ❤️ personal IG: @plantifullybased.too ⬇️ Dan Dan noodles   Instagram Handle @plantifullybased Instagram Followers 226,000   Website https://plantifullybasedblog.com Location United States

7. Alexa Soto

Bio Plant Recipes 🌱 Latina 🇲🇽 Rescue Dog Mama 🐾 Mental health advocate San Diego ☀️ Recipes & videos linked below ✨   Instagram Handle @alexafuelednaturally Instagram Followers 207,000   Website https://fuelednaturally.net Location San Diego, California, United States

8. Jane

Bio vegan recipes 🥑 peanut + tree nut allergy other acct: @traderjoesgoesvegan recipes 👇🏼   Instagram Handle @plantbasedjane Instagram Followers 203,000   Website https://www.plantbasedjane.com Location New York City, New York, United States

9. Fabiola

Bio Plant-based Family👧🏽👩🏽👦🏾❤️ ✉️ [email protected] 🎥YouTube👇👇🏾   Instagram Handle @shinewithplants Instagram Followers 201,000   Website http://shinewithplants.com Location United States

10. Kaylie Grace

Bio 🌸 simple & delicious plant-based food ⭐️ youtube: kaylie grace 💌 [email protected] 👇🏼 Get All Recipes! bit.ly/39FpxYL   Instagram Handle @purelykaylie Instagram Followers 199,000   Website https://www.purelykaylie.com Location United States

11. Lenny W.

Bio Blogger ➳ vibrant & delicious plant-based recipes ➳ ✞ | math & watermelon enthusiast | ucla ‘23   Instagram Handle @vegamelon Instagram Followers 109,000   Website http://vegamelon.com Location California, United States

12. Lauren

Bio Flora & Vino 🌱 easy plant-based recipes 👉🏻 #floraandvino 📸 food photography 🧘‍♀️ fitness & yoga 💁‍♀️ wellness talk 🙌 striving minimalist 👇🏻CLICK FOR RECIPES   Instagram Handle @flora_and_vino Instagram Followers 94,300   Website https://www.floraandvino.com Location Ashburn, Virginia, United States

13. Marissa

Bio It’s All Good Vegan 🌱Plant-based Recipes 🌿Contributor @bestofvegan 📍St. Louis, Missouri For the newest recipe, click below ⇙   Instagram Handle @itsallgoodvegan Instagram Followers 73,000   Website https://itsallgoodvegan.com Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States

14. Jane Esselstyn

Bio Wife. Mom. Researcher. Plant-Based. RN. Health Educator. Cookbook Author. Plant-Based Lifestyle Expert NEXT PROGRAM:⬇️⬇️⬇️   Instagram Handle @jane_esselstyn_rn Instagram Followers 70,500   Website https://janeesselstyn.com Location United States

15. Ilene Godofsky Moreno

Bio Plant-based cookbook author & food photographer in NYC/NJ. 📚The Colorful Family Table is out now! 🌈@colorfuldinnerdelivery cooking for New Jersey!   Instagram Handle @thecolorfulkitchen Instagram Followers 67,000   Website https://thecolorfulkitchen.com Location New York City, New York, United States

16. Ashley Melillo

Bio Vegan Recipes 📚 Psychologist turned plant-passionate author. 🌄 Lover of animals, veggies, space, curiosity + truth. Mom. Spiritual + psych tidbits @ashleymelillo   Instagram Handle @blissfulbasil Instagram Followers 35,900 ” Location Chicago, Illinois, United States

17. Will Brooks

Bio 🛡Founder of The Plant Based Warrior Plan 🌱I help vegans develop strength & definition 📩DM me “PLANS” to start 🥋#JiuJitsu lover 🏋🏻‍♂️My #vegan supps👇🏼   Instagram Handle @willbrooksofficial Instagram Followers 27,400 ” Location United States

18. Edgar Castrejon

Bio Wellness, plantbased, chef, foodstylist, photographer, yogi and farming. 🏳️‍🌈Latine 📍Oakland, CA [email protected] RECIPE IN CAPTIONS   Instagram Handle @edgarraw Instagram Followers 14,700 ” Location Oakland, California, United States

19. Melissa

Bio plant-Based 🌱 Plant-based comfort food + natural living 👩🏻‍🍳 Personal chef in Los Angeles Graduate of @rouxbeplants + @nutritionstudies ⬇️ Cooking Classes + more   Instagram Handle @forkinplants Instagram Followers 13,600   Website https://www.forkinplants.com Location Los Angeles, California, United States

20. Katie

Bio Plant Based Dietitian Make empowerment a habit✨ Feel the peace, health, & confidence you deserve w/ body image coaching + nutritional counseling🌱 FREE SESSION + TONEDIN10👇   Instagram Handle @vitamin.katie Instagram Followers 8,480   Website https://vitaminkatie.com Location Los Angeles, California, United States

21. Melissa

Bio Plant Based Vegan, Blogger, YouTuber I help people transition to a plant based lifestyle by sharing how simple it can be 🌱   Instagram Handle @theplantymel Instagram Followers 7,321   Website https://plantymel.com Location Portland, Oregon, United States

22. Jaime Bachtell-Shelbert

Bio RDN Plantbased Dietitian ⁣⁣booking telehealth appts Plantbased recipes⁣ Evidence based nutrition⁣ Gut health and plant based eating for longevity   Instagram Handle @whollynourishedrd Instagram Followers 3,081   Website https://www.whollynourished.com Location Chicago, Illinois, United States

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