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Tips On How To Use Wood Elements In Your Home Décor

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Feng Shui Wood Element Decorating Tips

Many people very commonly incorporate various wood elements in their homes. This is because adding wood elements to your home decor idea enhances its appeal. Wood elements have a timeless appeal and are used to add a more elegant and luxurious appeal to any space. Depending on your preferences, you can add wood elements to any room in your house. There are various options available in the market to choose from. However, this does not mean you will add wood elements to your home decor randomly. Instead of enhancing the appeal of the space, the wood elements will make it appear awkward. If you are not sure how to add wood elements to give your interiors a welcoming and inviting feel, here are a few tips that will help you: 

01 of 05 You must choose the right shades of the wood elements

Colours play a very crucial role in home interiors. You can set the desired mood and tone of any room by choosing the right colours. However, choosing the right colours can be a little tricky. To avoid confusion, many people consider using the same colour for everything. If you apply the same paint colour everywhere, the interiors might appear boring. The same will happen when you choose the same colour for all your wood elements. Instead of choosing the same shade for your wood elements, consider introducing a different shade in some places. For instance, if the colour of your wooden floor is dark, consider choosing a lighter shade for the furniture pieces placed on it. This will give a contrasting effect and enhance the appeal of the interiors. 

02 of 05 Add a buffer element

This is a trick very commonly used by many experts to complement your wood elements and add more visual interest to the space. If you find handling wood on wood a little difficult, you can use this trick as well. Adding a buffer basically means adding a different material to break the monotony. You can do it by laying a rug on the floor and then placing the furniture pieces on it. This will give you an opportunity to play around with the shades of the wood elements as well. As a result, you will be able to create various interesting home decor ideas. However, you should be careful while choosing the rug. Not all rug colours and designs will complement wood elements. If the design and colour of the rug do not complement the wood elements, the overall look of the room will diminish.

03 of 05 Refrain from adding too many wood elements

Adding wood elements makes your home’s interiors very aesthetically appealing. However, even after adding a lot of wood elements to the interior design, it can appear quite underwhelming. This mostly happens when there are too many wood elements in the room. As a result, the interiors appear a little monotonous. To prevent this from happening, you must never go overboard with it. Try to maintain a healthy balance between all the elements used in the room. It will give your home interior design a  more appealing look.

04 of 05 Find a dominant piece 

As mentioned earlier, you must refrain from adding too many wood elements in any space. However, if you want to create a bold statement and make wood elements the center of your interior design, consider choosing a dominant wooden piece. Make the dominant piece the focal point in your room and surround it with complementing pieces so that it automatically attracts the eyes whenever someone enters the room. Put your creativity to use and come up with interesting home decor ideas that will create a great impression on your guests’ minds.

05 of 05 Complement wood elements with white

When you are not sure how to complement your wood elements, you can simply opt for white. White is one of the best options available you can opt for. They blend in perfectly with each other and give the interiors a very appealing look. Experts also love using this combination because it has a very luxurious and sophisticated feel. When choosing the shades of your wood elements to complement white, you do not have to limit yourself to just dark shades. Lighter shades of wood look equally good with white. However, you must prevent using too much white in your home interiors. This is because white interiors get dirty very easily and require more maintenance. If you cannot clean and keep up with the maintenance requirements, the interiors might appear very unappealing. | Newsphere by AF themes.