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The Best Wine For Every Occasion

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When you are getting ready for an occasion, whether you are planning the menu or are going to someone who is, you may wish to think about wine pairings. However, this could be a little overwhelming because there are so many cheap wines on the shelves for you to choose from.

Some wines pair better with certain foods and occasions. Some wines are crowd pleasers, whereas others are a developed taste. So, how do you ensure you choose the best wine for each occasion?

The best starting point is to look at the food that is being served. This piece of information will help you make the right decision. For example, you might want to store wine bottles in one of the Miele wine coolers or a Bodega wine fridge if you have many bottles in your collection.

The Food

When you look at the types of food being served, you can make an informed decision as to which wine you will bring out. The wine is meant to enhance and enrich the foods, which is why choosing one that won’t overpower the flavours is important.

Red Meat

When your meal involves red meat, you will want to pair it with a red wine. The red wine will complement the meat and help the body to break it down and digest it. A Merlot is always a good option, as the soft blend will allow many different palettes to enjoy.

A Cabernet Sauvignon is another good option if you want to go a bit drier and more full-bodied. But, again, the richness in flavours complements the meat and adds to the taste experience.

If red wine is not your first choice, pairing a sparkling rosè with red meat will also be a good option. The sparkling wine cuts through the meat and refreshes the palette. This leaves you with an enjoyable beverage that is not as heavy as a red wine.

Poultry And Fish And Vegetables

White wines are the go-to wines with poultry, fish, and vegetable dishes. A Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc are two good options depending on the dryness that you want. The light and fruity nature of these wines complement the lighter meats. They also bring out the flavours of those vegetables and salads.

Not Sure What The Food Will Be?

There are many occasions when you may be going out to dinner with family or friends and not know what is going to be eaten. This would throw your careful planning out of the window. Luckily there are two good options you can gather together and be confident that everyone will be pleased and the food will be well-complemented.

The first of these wines is a Tempranillo. This wine is made from the tempranillo grapes from Spain. The flavours are well-developed with a crispness that complements any food you might have. This wine is a good one to have on hand when you aren’t sure what to pair with dinner.

The other option is to look at a sparkling wine. The sparkling nature complements all foods and adds a satisfactory aftertaste. Sparkling wine can also be found slightly sweeter for those who prefer the sweeter wines. This is a good choice for a wide group with differing tastes.


Using the food offered as a base to decide the best wine for the occasion will be a good starting point to ensure that your beverage is a winner with everyone present.

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