April 24, 2024

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Replacing parquet: do you need to do it frequently?

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Parquet is a type of flooring composed of short strips or blocks of wood forming a pattern. There are two main types of parquet: engineered wooden parquet and solid wood parquet.  Engineered parquet floors comprise two or three layers of wood. The top layer is hardwood, and the layers below are also wood-based products. Solid wood floors are made of one solid plank of wood. Caring for a wood parquet floor is similar to caring for any hardwood floor. Daily care should include sweeping and dry mopping. Parquet should be cleaned only with a product designed for wood floors.  The best parquet flooring provides a hard-wearing surface that will age gracefully. However, wear and tear will eventually get to be too much. Here a few key indicators of when it’s time to change your parquet. A major benefit of wooden parquet floors is that you can refinish them rather than replace them. However, sanding and refinishing may be possible only a few times.  If you’ve already refinished them several times, it probably time to change it. Also, you should consider replacing your wooden parquet floors if their scratches cover a large area and they can not be fixed by sanding and refinishing. Even though engineered parquet is more resistant to water damage than solid wood parquet, but both types are susceptible to stains and other issues when the floor is exposed to moisture. So, water damage one of the most crucial signs that you need to replace your parquet. Finally, both excessive wear and tear, creating or moving floorboards call for a replacement.

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