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Keeping Warm In Christchurch This Winter

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The Christchurch earthquakes brought a lot of destruction and devastation to the city, but through the frustrations of working with insurance companies and the earthquake commission of New Zealand, many people are finding new opportunities with payouts that allow them to build their dream home or make the renovations on their existing property that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Home Heating In Canterbury

In the middle of the South Island at the bottom of the world, Christchurch does get notoriously chilly during winter. Heating is an important issue in the city and has been for decades. Wood burners and open fires play a major role in the pollution of air in Christchurch and other Canterbury towns. The National Environmental Standards have set out an ‘Air Plan’ which determines what type of heating can be installed and used in the home. Open fires between April and September every year within the Central Christchurch suburbs out to Harewood, Burwood, Belfast and the Port Hills have been outlawed. In areas such as Rangiora and Kaiapoi, you will need a resource consent if you wish to install a wood burner into a rebuilt house. These consents are a costly exercise and there is no guarantee that approval will be given. However, Pellet burners which have been approved by Environment Canterbury have the green light to be installed in a new home around these regions without a resource consent.

Talk to your new home builder about effective and cheaper heating solution alternatives to open fires and the best way to keep warm in Christchurch this winter.


The most important aspect of any heating system isn’t actually the heater itself but the insulation within the home. A well insulated home will keep heat better and allow you to use HIVAC and ventilation systems to spread heat around the house cheaply.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat the home. With a weekly cost of only $10 – $15, they are cheap to run with one unit enough to service the whole house. Most landlords are finding heat pumps to be the best heating system for rental properties in the city; with affordable running costs and ability to regulate air temperature throughout the year, the benefits of a heat pump are obvious. They also do not require a resource consent,

LPG Heaters

LPG heaters are effective, fast and controllable. They don’t require a power outlet to function, but cost depending on the price of filling the gas bottle. LPG heaters do burn clean and pose few environmental risks, but they aren’t as cost effective as heat pumps and generally only heat one room at a time effectively.

Build your home with heating and energy efficiency in mind to survive the Christchurch winter this year. Consider ventilation, insulation and the layout of rooms too – the more central your living room and the easier it is for air to flow throughout the house the less you’ll need to spend on heating.

Talk to your builder and architect about designing the perfect home for getting through the cold.

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