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How to Clean Your Bathroom

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how to clean bathroom

Trinette Reed

Because you rely on your bathroom to maintain your body thoroughly clean, it truly is honest to say that it should really be the cleanest home in your home. Thanks to water, steam, and added grime, your house can conveniently develop into house to microbes, fungus, and unwanted odors (gross but accurate). That is why we questioned Carolyn Forte, the director of the Superior Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, about how to thoroughly clean your bathroom from top to base.

Forte states to avoid mildew and other buildup, it truly is finest to deep thoroughly clean your house at the very least each individual a single to two months, based on how generally you wipe down your shower, sweep the ground, or disinfect taps. With that getting reported, bathrooms, sinks, and other high-targeted visitors parts should really be cleaned at weekly. In an hard work to lighten the load (you have laundry and grocery searching to do, soon after all), there are little matters you can do on a day by day basis to make for a cleaner house: wipe up any spills or splatters on the mirror, maintain the sink and countertops dry, and wipe down the toilet seat and faucet handles each individual two to three times.

When the time comes that you need to give your overall bathroom — irrespective of whether it truly is a powder home or master bathtub — a significant refresh, observe these recommendations and tips on how to thoroughly clean a bathroom.

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Tile Grout

Especially if you have a tile-lined shower, maintain grout from becoming dingy and yellow by giving it a excellent scrub weekly. When you detect grout haze (if you know, you know), observe this experimented with-and-tested information:

• Combine 3/four cup house chlorine bleach with one gallon water. Or for a ready-built selection, consider CLR Contemporary Scent Tub and Kitchen Cleaner.

• Sporting rubber gloves, use a rigid brush to utilize the system to a single smaller region at a time. Be cautious not to allow the liquid splatter on you or surrounding surfaces.

• Permit sit for quite a few minutes, then scrub and rinse.

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Not only is your bathroom sink a single of the initial areas to demonstrate gunk and grime — assume: hair strands and toothpaste buildup — but it also harbors tons of germs. This is the finest way to thoroughly clean your bathroom sink:

• Spray a disinfectant bathroom cleaner, like Clorox or Lysol, all close to the bathroom sink and wipe with a cloth or sponge.

• Spray or wipe faucet handles with a disinfectant spray or wipe, allowing for them to continue to be soaked for the essential time on the deal to kill germs.


Not only do you want your toilet bowl to continue to be sparkling white, but you also want to make guaranteed the seat and tackle are free of germs. Address all the bases with this uncomplicated stage-by-stage information:

• Generously utilize a toilet bowl cleaner from brands like Lysol, and allow sit for up to 5 minutes before scrubbing with a rigid-bristled toilet brush. Then flush.

• Wipe down the toilet seat and tackle with disinfectant wipes, including Clorox or Lysol.

• Try to remember: Bathroom brushes need cleansing, also. Right after use, allow the toilet brush dry out of the caddy and spray with disinfectant.

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Rest room Flooring

You shouldn’t hold out right until you see filth and grime to thoroughly clean your bathroom ground. Because flooring can conveniently be stripped of shine, Forte suggests applying very low-sudsing cleaners to keep away from leaving powering any residue that’ll dull shine and entice upcoming soil.

• Spray flooring with CLR Tub and Kitchen Cleaner, if it truly is safe for your area. If fumes are bothersome, be guaranteed to open up bathroom home windows and door, and turn on the supporter if you have a single, to carry in refreshing air and hurry the drying approach.

• For soiled grout that doesn’t make improvements to with the multi-purpose cleaner, put a bleach-that contains cleanser these kinds of as Comfortable Scrub Gel Cleanser with Bleach on a brush and scrub. Rinse and wipe dry.

• If you do not want to get down and soiled, choose for an adjustable steam mop. Opt for “high or scrub” for challenging careers, or “mop or medium” for day-to-day cleanings.


There’s no home for mildew and mold — especially in the area you rely on for thoroughly clean cleanliness. Get forward of the grime by cleansing your tub on a regular basis with this stage-by-stage information:

• Spray tub and shower parts with CLR Tub and Kitchen Cleaner, as long as it truly is safe for your variety of area. To make fumes significantly less bothersome, open up bathroom home windows and door, and turn on the bathroom supporter for air flow if you have a single.

• For a challenging scrub, use Mr. Clean up Magic Eraser Tub, which consist of microscrubbers and foaming cleansers that dissolve, and wipe absent soap scum. Just soaked the sponge, squeeze to activate the foam, and thoroughly clean.

Rest room Fan

Will not overlook to glimpse up: Vacuum the dust from the grill of the bathroom supporter, and thoroughly clean the rest with a soap and water remedy though getting cautious not to soaked any of the internal sections. If the grill is detachable, soak it in sudsy water for cleansing, and then rinse and dry.

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