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Get to Know the Top-rated Residential Solar Installers in New Orleans

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Louisiana has no more tax credits for solar owners | Business News | nola .com

New Orleans is one of the model cities in the national effort to develop comprehensive approaches to urban solar energy use and in accelerating solar energy adoption by homeowners, businesses, schools, and other property owners.

Being in a great location to install solar power because of its access to abundant sunshine, New Orleans was designated by the United States Department of energy as a Solar America City on June 20, 2007.  Since then, solar technologies have been included in homes and buildings as renewable energy systems.

Why Homeowners and Businesses Choose Solar in New Orleans

Solar companies in New Orleans are one of the busiest in the country because of the ever-increasing interest and demand for solar energy.  This is true for both residential and commercial solar applications.  On top of the obvious economical and environmental benefits, here are other reasons why homeowners choose to go solar in New Orleans:

  • Great incentives and rebates are available for homeowners and businesses for New Orleans solar installation.

You can get a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives which will drop the net price of your system by thousands of dollars.

  • There are solar installation professionals servicing all areas who are reputable and experienced. Louisiana solar installers are the busiest!

In fact, installations in the state of Louisiana have doubled yearly, ranking them fourth in the country for solar output according to SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association).

Best Solar Companies in New Orleans 2020

Get to know the reputable and experienced solar installers in New Orleans who can evaluate your needs and provide proposals for you to review for your residential solar installation.

    Solar Alternatives

Servicing residential and commercial properties for over 20 years designing, supplying, and installing Solar Alternatives.  They have a review score above the industry average providing a solar system that matches your home or business needs.  Their consultations include all forms of solar energy such as:

  • Solar electric
  • Solar backup power
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar water heating
  • Specialty solar services like ventilation and daylighting

    SunPro Solar

Locally-owned serving the entire Gulf Coast region, they have been providing solar installations for residential properties since 2005. Their solar panels include high-quality products from well-known American based solar manufacturers.  They have a proven reputation and history for providing quality service. They were ranked #5 for 2020 Solar World’s Magazine Top Solar Rooftop Contractors nationwide.


PosiGen takes pride in their experience, expertise, quality, and customer service to meet consumers’ needs.  The services they offer include a solar panel for electric system installation.  The company was founded in 2011 and has provided access to affordable solar energy to low and middle-income families.  They believe that lower-income homeowners are not a credit risk but rather an opportunity with a reputation based on service safety and quality.

KDH Solar

As a designer and installer of residential and commercial solar systems, they approach each customer on a project-by-project basis to ensure that each customer receives the solar installation that is appropriate for their building and lifestyle.  They use the holistic approach to address their customer’s needs and guarantee that the solar systems they install operate and perform to superior standards.

Sun Power by South Coast Solar LLC

Being in the solar industry for more than 13 years, serving thousands of clients with new PV systems, they have had long-term success in solar installation. They offer the best solar panels installed by their in-house workforce of trained installers.  Their teams are fully licensed and insured for solar panel installation.

Bayou Solar

Experts in renewable energy and energy efficiency through solar installations, this top-rates residential solar installer in New Orleans offers services such as:

  • Free solar consultation
  • System design and permits
  • System installation
  • Warranty and rebates system monitoring

They are committed to doing solar installations with their trained and professional team, completing many solar projects throughout New Orleans in the past years.

Go Solar in the Solar America City of New Orleans

A high-performance solar panel system engineered for efficiency and long life will deliver you clean and renewable energy for a minimum of 25 years and can be designed to fit your lifestyle.  Get the best services from a top-rated residential solar installer in New Orleans and experience the environmental and economical benefits of installing solar on your rooftop today!

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