July 18, 2024

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Garage Door Opener – Opener Installation

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A professional A1 Garage door service in Nampa should fix most of the problems you face with a garage door. The risk associated with something going wrong is far greater than the cost of hiring someone to come out and work on it for you. There is one thing that while it seems could be very challenging is actually well within the skill set of most people. Installing a garage door opener is simple as long as you follow the directions carefully and be sure to double check your work. Once you are done you will be able to open and close the entryway without having to leave the comfort of your car.

The discomfort of leaving the car in the dead of winter and the risk of leaving yourself in a compromised position just to get your car in is not worth it when there is a simple solution. Install a garage door opener and you will no longer have to get out before you are safe and comfortable inside.

Before beginning to install your new garage door opener make sure that the gate itself is functioning properly. It should open and close smoothly by hand in addition to being well lubricated and free of corrosion. If repairs or improvements are necessary first call the dealer who sold you the unit and then call the people who installed it, if they’re different, to see if there is any warranty that still applies to the parts or labor. If not they are still the best people to have work on it because they are familiar with its proper operation.

Mounting the garage door opener should start with installing the power unit. This is a small electrical box that mounts on the ceiling. You want to mount the unit at least seven feet from the floor to ensure proper clearance. Although you want to make sure to mount the unit high enough that it will be out of the way you also want to mount it so that the disconnect cord can be reached in case of emergency. Some units are hardwired into the electrical system so if this is not something you are comfortable doing make sure to buy a garage door opener that instead uses an electrical cord. After the ceiling part is installed, place the push button close to the entryway to the house. When selecting a place to put the button, be sure it is within easy reach of all adults but well out of the reach of small children.

The actual lifter is the final thing to be installed. First attach the piece to the center of the door. Next, fully lift the gate open and attach the remaining pieces as per the specific instructions for your model. Finally put the motion sensor in the proper location on the frame and make sure it is working.

Once you have these simple steps done you are ready to go. Simply put the remote in your car and begin enjoying your new renovation.

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