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Expert Tips To Maintain Privacy In Your Front Balcony Design

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Not everyone has a balcony in their homes in urban cities. If you are among the lucky ones to own one, you should make the most of it. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to the balcony design, thinking it is a part of the home exterior. However, this is not true. Your balcony is a part of your home interior. You can turn it into a cosy space where you can enjoy spending quality time with your family. 

The biggest reason people ignore the balcony is that it does not have privacy. However, there is a solution to it. There are various ways of adding privacy to the space. As a result, your balcony will become a great spot for various activities. If you are not sure about how to add privacy to your balcony design, here are a few experts tips: 

01 of 05 Blinds for your balcony 

The most popular items used for adding privacy to the balcony design are blinds. People love this option because they are light and can be drawn very easily. Also, blinds are easily available in most places. You will not have to worry about spending a lot of money on the installation as well. They are so easy and homeowners can often do it themselves. However, it is suggested that you hire professionals for the task. In case you shift to a different house, you can easily remove them and reinstall them on your new balcony. Whenever you need privacy, you can close them. And, leave them open at other times. These are quite sturdy as well and do not have to worry about them getting damaged. 

02 of 05 Shutters for your balcony

Shutters are very similar to blinds. People looking for heavier and sturdier options prefer these over blinds. They function the same way as blinds. Whenever you need privacy, you draw them down. And, the shutters are kept open at other times. However, their functions extend beyond just adding privacy to your front balcony design. You can draw them to protect your balcony from sun rays, rain, and strong winds. Moreover, you can find them in many different colours and designs. This allows you to improve the kerb appeal of your home. 

03 of 05 Collapsible grills for your balcony

If you live on one of the lower floors, you might feel safe with an open balcony in the house. The chances of theft or burglary are higher. To ensure your and your family members’ safety, installing a collapsible grill is a great idea. It is very durable and sturdy. People will not be able to break into your home. Moreover, you get them in many interesting designs to elevate the appeal of your balcony decor.

Besides making your balcony a lot safer, you can add privacy to the space with collapsible grills as well. This is because you can easily open and close them depending on your mood. Just make sure that they have been given a coat of waterproof paint. Otherwise, the material may rust after some time. Not only will it diminish the appeal of your front balcony design but make it difficult for you to operate. 

04 of 05 Heavy curtains for your balcony

When you think about adding privacy to any space, curtains will surely come to your mind. They are very popularly used on windows for adding privacy. Similarly, you can use them for adding privacy to your balcony as well. The biggest benefit of curtains is that they are easy to draw. Also, you can get them in a variety of colours, designs, patterns, and sizes. Choose an option that complements the look of your home exterior and your balcony decor

Make sure that you do not choose sheer curtains used for windows. Since they will be installed out in the open, even a light breeze can make them fly up. Hence, heavy curtains will be a better choice for your balcony. Just keep in mind that they will not block noise. 

05 of 05 Plants for your balcony

Do you love staying close to nature? The balcony is the perfect spot for adding plants to your home decoration. Many people are adding more and more plants to home decorations for creating an environment-friendly ambiance. However, plants can be used for other purposes as well. Instead of using them just to make your balcony pretty, you can use them for adding privacy to the space. It is a very simple task. You will just have to align the plants along the railing to ensure people cannot get a clear view of the balcony. Hanging a few plants from the balcony ceiling will further help to add more privacy to the space.

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