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Examining Property for Sale in Protaras, Cyprus

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Examining Property for Sale in Protaras, Cyprus

The process of buying property for sale in Protaras, Cyprus can be extremely difficult for first-time buyers. Not only are they unfamiliar with the buying process, but most don’t even know how to inspect and examine a Cyprus property to make sure that it is the right one for them. If you are a first-time buyer here is what you should inspect when visiting a prospective home.

Examining the condition and construction of property for sale in Protaras, Cyprus is very important as this lets you know how sturdy and stable it is. Many times individuals buy homes in Cyprus that are in need of structural repair even though they are unaware of this due to not having examined it carefully before they made an offer.

Regardless of when a Cyprus property was constructed, it needs to be examined, preferably by a surveyor or other qualified person. Most first-time buyers believe that when you buy homes in Cyprus that are new, they are in good condition and will have no problems that need fixed or addressed once they buy them. While ideally this is how it should be, this is not always the case. Some Cyprus developers choose to cut corners or skimp on materials when they are constructing a home, which leaves it with some serious flaws and problems.

What’s cheap is fairly difficult to define, really depends on one’s viewpoint. However, for comparable destinations with good climatic conditions and politically and socially stable conditions, property prices in Southern Cyprus really give you value for money. Compared to such destinations as Spain or France the prevailing prices are attractive. For example for £150,000 one could expect to buy a 3 bedroom detached property with swimming pool in most of the locations mentioned.

The local system is quite bureaucratic, so it is often better to go through an agent familiar with local systems & procedures. They should be able to help locate good cheap properties for sale for you. Financing is available from local banks up to 80% of the price, with repayment periods of up to 20 years.

The fact that even new homes aren’t always in good conditions is one of the reasons experts recommend that you have a professional inspector check out any property for sale in Protaras, Cyprus before you make an offer. This can be especially beneficial as inspectors are trained to spot potential problems long before noticeable signs appear to the average person.

If you do choose to get your property for sale in Protaras, Cyprus inspected before you make an offer it is important to use an independent inspector that is not associated with estate agents or Cyprus developers. Inspectors employed with them may not be completely honest in the potential problems that exist in the property. You may think you are getting a home in good condition only to find out later you didn’t. You don’t want this to happen, and an independent inspection can prevent it from occurring.

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