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Custom made Armchair Styles for the Minimalist Home

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Our homes may become unbearable to us over time. An interior that was once restful and inviting can become suffocating due to a build-up of clutter and things you can’t bear to part with.

Given that, it’s no longer a surprise that minimalist interiors with clean lines and bare walls are becoming increasingly common on our social media feeds. We can attribute this as more people opt for a simpler lifestyle. People are letting go of their clutter and adopting a clean lifestyle.

Rather than filling an interior with pointless objects, they’re investing in custom made armchair and furniture pieces that will last a lifetime.

In face we at the Yorkshire Fabric shop have received multiple contacts asking about details on the basics and fabrics for their very own custom made armchair.

That said, there is an art to designing a minimalist home, as oversimplifying will result in a room that is cold and uninviting. In this guide, we’ll show you how to how a custom made armchair can improve your clutter-free home without compromising character and comfort.


Benefits of Minimalist Furniture

There is a good reason why Minimalism is taking the home world by storm. It’s simply because it forces us to focus on what is most beautiful and most suitable for our home and our lifestyle. That said, using this aesthetic for your home comes with these benefits:

Improvement in Well-being

Keeping a minimalist home helps you to focus on your health, such as changing your diet, increasing your exercise, reducing stress, or having a good night’s sleep. Living in a clutter-free environment often reduces the accumulation of chemicals and dust there and on your belongings.

Overall visual Appeal

Making room in your home helps you to display your elegant furniture, artwork, and cherished possessions. Your space’s visual appeal, as well as your decorative elements, will benefit from a minimalist home. 

Practicality as Priority

You will get out of debt by embracing minimalism. Rather than squandering your paycheck on unnecessary goods, invest in items that will last a lifetime or build memories. 

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

Cleaning for a whole day on a weekend isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. It is easier to remove and maintain a minimalist home. Put simply, the less clutter you have in your house, the less cleaning you will have to do. This also means that you can save more time and energy intended for cleaning.

Quality investment

Interiors with a minimalist aesthetic prioritize quality over quantity. The residents furnish the space with iconic items that will withstand the test of time, even though used on a regular basis. Buying quality can only contribute to the pared-back aesthetic, from the large furniture sets to the bedding and cushions.

Using Neutral Colors at the Base

A neutral foundation is often the starting point for a classic minimalist home. This provides a soothing, new atmosphere, and the palette can be easily expanded with similar color tones and textures. Natural shades of greys, tans, and beiges can be mixed in with a white base without disrupting the energy of the room.

Playing with the Texture

Texture is applied by textures and fabrics to prevent the neutral environment becoming cold or bland. This brings energy to the room and makes it more interesting.


Wooden Frame Occasional Chair

The concept of a chair that is only used on occasion applies to a chair similar to a dining chair or a lounge chair can be called an occasional concept. Meant to supplement seating, occasional chairs aren’t the main seating option.

This type of custom made armchair provides seating, but also functions as an accent in a room. It brings things into sharper focus or puts an entirely new spin on things.

It is acceptable for a chair to belong to any style, shape, or color or form from time to time. The upholstery can be textured, in a print, or a print-on-patterned design. A cover that can be smooth or textured can cover the entire frame.

What makes the occasional chair so versatile is that it can jive with whatever style you want in the room, or if you want to emphasize the contrast or not.

Take comfort from the natural beauty and warmth of a Lexicon-upholstered frame, this chair offers. Available in five fun and modern colors, it offers traditional appeal with its slightly curved wooden and leg style. The foam seat and back help ease sitting, while the wood frame gives it a feeling of great stability.

Having a custom made armchair or occasional chair can bring out the depth of wooden pieces, and significantly improve your minimalist living spaces.


Womb Chair

Eero Saarinen created the first ever Womb Chair in 1948, and it rapidly became a common type of 1950s-era modern design. This material for this custom made armchair is molded from just a fiberglass casing with cashmere filled padding. It is available in a wide variety of colors from orange to purple, which include the lovely and vibrant ottoman.

Saarinen’s Womb Chair, along with all its models, is designed to be elegant. It will go well with a range of interior design styles. That said, its plain upholstery is considerably modern and minimal, so it helps your contemporary spaces achieve with simplicity. An upholstery material pattern even be incorporated in eclectic, vintage, or retro style interiors.

A great thing about sitting on the womb chair is that you can always adjust the upholstery, no matter how long it is or how lumpy. For patterns, you can emulate a design with a very unique layout. To have a lot of different options if you’d like to emulate simplistic or textured design high-contrast with the same formality

That said, another nice thing about the womb chairs is that they can be used as an independent piece of furniture. You can use it in any capacity in your home, whether next to a plant, beautiful bookshelf, or as a decorative elements in your zen garden.

Furthermore, Saarinen has created a real masterpiece with the idea of the womb chair. To this day, it has retained its landmark status as an iconic film. For a reasonable price, you can even have your own custom made armchair done after this design.

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