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Create a Perfect Guest Room with Bellavista Collection

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Now we understand as never before what a pleasure it is to visit friends and have visitors – humans surely are sociable creatures. No wonder that many people have a special guest room in their homes.  When you have no visitors, it may well serve as a spare living-room.

Everybody has their own idea about how to furnish such a room to make it most welcoming, but there are a few common-sense tips.

What actually is a guest room for? The answer is quite obvious: this room is for your guests to sleep at night and relax whenever they want. Also, there should be a place to put their belongings and hang clothes.

As to a sleeping place for your guests – it could be a bed, but a big sofa is more practical. A place to relax may also imply a cozy armchair with a coffee table and maybe a floor lamp beside it.

A desk with a chair will be appropriate if any of your guests have plenty of work to do even on vacation. And, of course, you will need a wardrobe for your guests’ clothes and paraphernalia. If your guest room is rather large, you may want to get other furniture pieces – maybe, a bench or a console table. A mirror on the wall and lighting fixtures will conclude an ensemble.

All these pieces (and many more) you can find at the website of Bellavista Collection – a well-known brand that specializes in producing Italian luxury furniture, as well as lots of other things you will need if you are furnishing a room.

Let’s start on a sofa. When you open Menu and select UPHOLSTERED PIECES category in it, SOFAS will be among the sub-categories you’ll see on the web page. Other sub-categories such as CHAIRS, ARMCHAIRS, OTTOMANS & BENCHES, are also worth your attention. You can browse through them in search of ideas for furnishing your guest room.

All Bellavista’s sofas are well-designed and made of prime quality materials, so they are equally pleasant to look at and sit on. Sofas from Bellavista Collection can be upholstered in either leather or fabric at your choice, with a number of variants in each option. So, you always have plenty to choose from.

What about super-cozy AVUELA sofa, designed in 2019? In Spanish, ‘Avuela’ stands for Grandma, and from this name you can easily guess the general idea of this sofa’s design. AVUELA’s cushions and seat are as soft and comfy as that of your granny’s sofa you liked so much as a child. What is more, this sofa is available in three size options: 210, 260, and 310 centimeters wide and 102 cm. deep.

If you are fond of Oriental design motifs, you will love DULCECHINA sofa. It has been a bestseller since 2018, when this piece was first showcased at prestigious trade events. This sofa is also available in three sizes: 208, 258, and 308 centimeters wide and 114 cm. deep.

Both AVUELA and DULCECHINA sofas are padded with variable-density polyurethane foam; optionally, this foam could be fire-resistant. Both sofas come with 2,3, or 4 backrest cushions respectively, depending on the sofa’s width.  

By the way, if your guest room is large, in addition to DULCECHINA sofa you can well get the same-name bench. They look grand together. DULCECHINA bench is large enough to serve as a daybed or even one more sleeping place: it is 240 centimeters wide and 85 cm. deep.

Its wooden base is made of multilayer Italian poplar and veneered in several kinds of oak – natural, moka stained, smoke stained, or grey stained oak. Its seat, padded with variable-density polyurethane foam, can be upholstered in fabric or leather. So are the comfy seating pillows that come with the bench and optional roll and back pillows.

Or what about a dormeuse? Bellavista Collection offers two wonderful dormeuses named JOSEPHINE and CASANOVA. They make a great place for relaxing, although they are rather short for a fully-fledged sleeping-place: JOSEPHINE is 168 x 98 centimeters, and CASANOVA is 140 x 163 centimeters. 

Feel like having an armchair or two for the guest room? Bellavista’s armchairs come in a great variety. Super-cozy FILOMENA, elegant CHARLOTTE, compact MINNIE, or chic SHANGHAI from Dulcechina collection… Whatever style you prefer, you will be able to find an arm-chair to your liking.

A coffee table is a must-have for a room where people rest. COFFEE AND SIDE TABLES is the biggest sub-category in TABLES product category at Bellavista’s website. Just open this sub-category, and you’ll see lots of tables of all shapes, sizes, and styles – from classic-looking to outwardly avant-garde.  The materials and their combinations also vary greatly. Wooden, wooden plus metal all metal, glass and metal, and even made entirely of marble – just anything you can think of.

An armchair plus a coffee table and floor lamp for proper lighting equal a cozy reading corner. Bellavista offers a great selection of designer floor lamps. For example, ADALPINA and FAROLITO with handy trays from 2019 collection.

Need a wardrobe? You will find it in WARDROBES sub-category of the product category called NIGHT, containing furniture for bedrooms. Also, there is a pretty compact – and very stylish – alternative to a wardrobe: a chic-looking valet named MI-SERVO. This valet (often called a clothes tree or a coat-and-hat stand) is not only practical – it looks gorgeous indeed. The combination of ebony wood or printed leather with shiny chrome of the details makes MI-SERVO an eye-catcher.

What is really special of furniture from Bellavista is that whatever piece you choose, it will blend in your interior. Thanks to brilliant design by Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s items are easily combinable. What is more, wooden furniture is usually available in a number of differently-colored woods.

All in all, at Bellavista’s website you’ll find any furniture you want and even more – e.g. beautiful boiserie or decorative statuettes to add zest to your room. Bellavista’s pieces freely mix and match with one another, creating ensembles, both attractive-looking and comfy.

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