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Chandelier and Pendant Lighting – How Do They Differ From One Another

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Chandelier and pendant light are the two most opted kinds of lighting system in today’s world. Before knowing more about the difference between the two lighting systems, you must first understand what they actually mean.

Chandeliers are the type of lighting system that are designed with the capacity to hold multiple light bulbs in them, whereas pendant light is the type of lighting system that is designed to hold only one bulb in it. Both the lighting systems are designed in a way that they will be suspended from the ceiling of the house.

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Chandelier vs. Pendant Light

Many factors separate pendant light from the group of chandeliers. Here are some of such factors.

  1. Cost

Chandeliers are actually the costliest lighting system, when compared with the pendant lighting system. You can get a pendant light at $10, whereas the starting cost of chandeliers is $39.

  1. Suspension

Chandeliers are normally hung from the ceiling with the help of a chain. The chain will be installed in the middle of the chandelier unit, so as to balance the branching in an easy and systematic way.

Pendant lights will also be hung from the ceiling with the help of a chain. The only difference here is that there will be no branching and the cord will be holding just one single lighting bulb.

  1. Versatility

Chandeliers are mainly used for the sake of offering an elegant look to any room. If you switch on the light in the chandelier, then you will notice that the corners of the room will be kept hidden behind the darkness, as the light will not reach there.

Pendant lights are excellent options, when it comes to lighting the whole room with one bulb.

  1. Materials

Chandeliers are normally made of many kinds of materials such as crystal, wrought iron, bronze, steel, glass, etc. All these materials are quite heavy, and hence you will find a chain suspension for hanging these chandeliers from the ceiling.

Pendant lights are made with some materials such as lampshades, nickel, tiffany glass, stained glass, etc.

  1. Ambiance

If you are willing to create an ambiance in any room, then chandeliers are an excellent choice for you. It can create any ambiance you wish to have in your room.

Pendant lights are solely made with the purpose of lighting the entire room, and hence you cannot create an ambiance with them.

  1. Installation

Installation of chandeliers is quite a complicated task. Some wires, settings, installation processes, altogether might confuse you, if you wish to go with the DIY installation process.

Pendant light installation is actually a simple task, as there are no complications involved in the process.

Both the chandeliers and pendant lighting system have pros and cons. However, when installed, they will never make you think twice about your decision. 

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