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Best Hot Tub Floor Mats To Protect You From Sliding

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Enjoying a soak in the hot tub could be the best way to wind down from your busy day. However, slipping out of your hot tub would not add to the enjoyment of the experience. AV Partsmasters and other outlets have a solution to this problem: Hot tub floor mats

These hot tub floor mats have many benefits, one of which is preventing you from slipping when you get in or out of the tub. In addition, this safety measure will give you peace of mind when you unwind from your day.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Hot Tub Floor Mats?

The benefits range from non-slipping to keeping your floors undamaged and adding to your stylish aesthetic. With all of the benefits in mind, hot tub floor mats are a savvy purchase.

Some of the benefits of using a hot tub floor mat are:

  • Non-slip surface: having a mat decreases the likelihood of slipping when your feet are wet.
  • Insulation: this will maintain the heat of the hot tub and prevent the heat from dissipating.
  • Absorption of water spills: water is likely to splash out of the tub and land on the floor. Having a mat there will remove the problem of having puddles of water damaging the floor.
  • Protection: if the mats are placed under the hot tub, they can protect the base of the tub.
  • No mould: having a mat that can be cleaned and dried minimises the growth of mould.
  • Style: many of these mats come in different colours and patterns that can add a stylish element to the room.

What Is The Best Mat?

When you are looking for a mat with the main focus on preventing slipping, you will want to find one with non-slip properties. The materials listed below are non-slip materials and will offer you all the benefits mentioned above. Consider colour, price, and cleaning when choosing between them.

  • Foam tiles

These interlocking tiles offer a non-slip surface in muted colours. The standard tiles can be combined to create whatever size you need. In addition, these tiles can be easily cleaned.

  • EVA foam

EVA foam is a thin foam found in tiles or full mats. EVA foam is non-toxic. Various colours and patterns of EVA foam can add that unique aesthetic while keeping you from slipping.

  • Rubber mats

Rubber mats are usually textured to add to the non-slip function. This does mean that drying the mat properly is important to prevent any mould or mildew from growing. These mats can be cut to the dimensions and shape that you require.

PVC tiles are durable plastic that has perforated patterns. They can interlock and create the surface area that you require.

Slipping Away

You can choose the material that suits your personal taste and budget, as all will offer non-slip properties. Keeping the floor and mat clean and dry will limit opportunities for slipping and increase your hot tub safety and enjoyment.

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