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9 Handy Tips to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in 2022

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<strong>9 Handy Tips to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in 2022</strong>
<strong>9 Handy Tips to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in 2022</strong>

It’s no secret that painting the exterior of your home is comparatively difficult than painting the interior of your home. This is because painting the exterior of your home is more technical and there are several aspects like caulking, waterproofing, and weather conditions that you need to take into factor. 

However, with good planning and organization, you can become a pro at painting the exterior of your home. Lucky for you, we have come up with 9 easy tips that will help you do a brilliant job when it comes to choosing the perfect exterior house paint and painting the exterior of your home the right way. 

  1. Pick the right time to paint 

The worst thing you can do is start your painting work when it is pouring cats and dogs. It is ideal to paint during the summertime so that your wall paint dries quickly. 

  1. Clean the walls

If you paint your exterior walls without cleaning them then the dirt, grime and dust on them will reduce the adhesiveness of the paint and in turn reduce the shelf life of the paint. Hence, you must thoroughly wash the exterior walls before painting them. It is recommended that you use the high-pressure water method to clean the walls effectively. 

  1. Prep the wall

We are talking about everything from scraping the chipped and loose paint to filling the holes and dents on the walls. Sanding is another important step that you shouldn’t skip while painting the exterior walls of your home. Surface preparation is an important step as it will help you achieve a clean and smooth canvas to paint on. 

  1. Repair the exterior 

Check if there is any rotted wood or windows with broken glasses. Repair the rotted wood and reglaze the windows before you start the painting work. If you ignore fixing them, then they will mar the overall look of your home.

  1. Caulk the trims 

Caulking ensures that the moisture doesn’t seep into the home through the walls. So, don’t skip on caulking your door and window trims before you use exterior house paints on the outdoor walls.  

  1. Prep for the painting job 

We are talking about everything from protecting your floors, shrubs, outdoor furniture, hoses and grills. You must also make sure to cover the door handles, knobs, windows and lighting fixtures. Use a canvas drop cloth to cover all the items so that they don’t accidentally get paint splattered over.

  1. Use a primer 

Using a primer is important as it will act as a protective layer that will increase the shelf life of your exterior wall paints. By priming a wall, you will be preparing a smooth surface on which your paint will stick better. 

  1. Choose the right paint

Decide on the right exterior house paint finish for your home. You must choose a finish that is moisture, heat, chemical, and dust resistant and one that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Most people prefer to use a satin or eggshell finish for the exterior of their home as it is highly durable and affordable. Next, choose a colour palette and an exterior wall texture. Keep in mind the overall theme of your home, interior colour palette and landscape before choosing an exterior paint colour. 

  1. Decide on the painting tools

While paint sprays help you cover a large area quickly, they don’t give you the precision that paintbrushes and rollers give. A pro tip is to use a combination of painting equipment to paint the exterior of your home. While you can spray the large walls, you can use a paintbrush for the windows and door trims. 

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