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8 Different Areas of Plumbing

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Maroubra houses one of Australia’s best surfing beaches. It’s an eastern suburb around 10 kilometres away from the central district of Sydney. Plumbing companies in Maroubra also served neighbouring towns. These areas are a mixture of commercial, residential, and industrial premises. There are around 8 different areas that plumbers Maroubra cover. These are drainage, fire protection, gas fitting, irrigation, mechanical services, sanitary, stormwater, and water supply. Below is a brief description of each one of them.


Drainage plumbing involves removing wastewater from a property. Drainage pipes are positioned downward for gravity to pull wastewater away from the property to a public sewer system. The wastewater on the public sewer is directed to a septic tank or treatment facility. Plumbers in Maroubra engaged in drainage plumbing commonly work on the below-ground sanitary system.

Fire Protection

Plumbers in Maroubra also perform services to supply water for fire fighting.  These include fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, hose reels, pump sets, and irrigation systems. They are the ones who install fittings and pipes from the water connection to the fire protection device. The Australian government requires a certain skill set for fire protection plumbing.  These generally include knowledge of fabrications and suppression systems.

Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is another special area of plumbing. Like water plumbing, it involves apparatus, appliances, controls, fittings, flues, and other items that have to do with a gas supply. Yet, they are completely two different trades. Even though a gas fitter has undergone a basic plumbing course, they should still undergo further training on gas safety handling. They work mostly on gas boilers and gas heaters. Their works on installation and maintenance of gas fitting, infrastructure, and pipe systems are highly regulated by the Australian government.


Irrigation plumbing involves the delivery of a freshwater system inside and outside a property. All plumbing fixtures and pipes are part of this area of plumbing. These include the bathtub, drains, faucets, showers, sinks, sprinklers, taps, and other irrigation equipment. The main purpose of irrigation plumbing is to keep the water ecosystem running. Water is collected for recycling and sustainable use within homes and buildings.

Mechanical Services

Plumbers in Maroubra also cover mechanical services. This area provides properties with machine facilities such as air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation. They can involve works on escalators, elevators, and medical equipment running on gas supply. They also install fire hydrants, water sprinkler systems, and other fire protection devices. Other than these things, mechanical plumbing services cover the installation of roof flashing and pipe insulation.

Sanitary Plumbing

Sanitary plumbing relates to fixing and unfixing appliances, pipes, and plumbing fixtures that are above-ground in the sanitary plumbing system. This area doesn’t involve installation. Instead, it focuses on repairs of traps, overflow pipes, soil pipes, waste pipes, and ventilation pipes.

Stormwater on Roofs

Stormwater is any form of precipitation falling from the sky. These include hail, rain, and snow. Stormwater plumbing on roofs in an area that involves collecting stormwater and disposing of them properly. Plumbers in Maroubra involved in this area usually install roof covers and a drainage system to direct stormwater to underground public sewers.

Water Supply

Water supply plumbing is the most popular area among plumbers in Maroubra. This area involves fixing broken toilets, burst or cracked pipes, clogged drains, leaky taps, and sewer backups. Water supply plumbing mainly relates to the inspection, installation, maintenance, and repairs of water supply systems.

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