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5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing A Dog Kennel For Your Pet!

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13 Questions to Ask a Boarding Kennels - Your Dog


Dog kennels are the perfect place to keep your pet. The idea of a dog kennel is not new, but it is very popular in today’s modern era. Whether you own a large breed or a small one, having your pet dog at home can be quite an inconvenience.


Dog kennels are a great option for any dog owner looking to travel. They provide more space than regular travel kennels, and they are equipped with everything your pup needs to feel comfortable while travelling.


Dog kennels are usually very small and have limited space. If you plan to keep your dog inside your house, then you need to decide whether you can fit a kennel into your living room or not. If you think it is possible, then the first thing that comes to mind is the design of the kennel. The kennel should be safe for your dog and at the same time provide enough space for both of them.


Here are the 5 questions to consider before choosing one


What is the size of the kennel?

The best dog kennels are in sizes that are similar to the size of your pet. They should be at least 12 feet long and 8 feet wide. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that they have enough space for two dogs to run around comfortably, three if you’re unsure about how large your dog will get as an adult.

What type of material is it made out of?

It’s important to choose a kennel that is made out of a durable material such as wire or wood. It’s also important to look for a kennel with insulation on the inside, so your pet doesn’t feel cold when they go outside during the winter months. Make sure there’s enough ventilation in case you leave them inside for too long!

Is it easy to clean? 

Some materials are easier than others to keep clean and sanitary, but all in all, any type can be cleaned with warm water and soap.


4. What type of bedding will your pet be using? 

The type of bedding your doing might be comfortable with should be hygienic. The type of bedding you will be using for your pet depends on the breed.


For small dogs, there are several options include a soft blanket or fleece cover to keep them warm and cozy. cosy small dog beds that can easily be carried around in a travel bag. 

  • Hammocks made are from cotton, bamboo, or parachute silk fabric.


  1. Is there a play area and/or exercise area available for your pet?

There must be sufficient area for the puppies to play and enjoy to taking around.There are plenty of options for your pet to get exercise and have fun. The best place for them is at home because it gives them a chance to relax and enjoy their surroundings.


Some other things that you can do include:

  1. Playing with your pet outside 
  2. Walking your dog or cat 
  3. Taking your pet for a car ride 


Dog kennel Type  & Options To Choose


The double door kennel keeps naughty dogs in and the nice ones out. It’s the dog’s cage that features two doors for easy access, plus it has extra-long sides for your pet to stretch and play around inside. In addition, this kennel is made from welded wire which can be easily cleaned; there are no sharp edges or corners to make messes as well.


A wire kennel is an alternative to a wire cage for puppies and small dogs. Wire kennels are typically used on dog breeds that can impact the integrity of their limbs, such as terriers and energetic retrievers. Many people use wire kennels when housing young dogs because it allows them to exercise outside of the kennel in much larger areas than they could be allowed under a wire enclosure or pen.

Furniture style kennel for small dogs is a great option. This kennel gives your pet enough space inside, but it’s also very easy to set up and take down when you need to let your little friend in or out at the times that suit you best. It comes with 4 panels which are folded together so they can be formed into 8 sections. Whenever there is room left on one side of the kennel, it can fold flat against itself by un


With a kennel club, there are no hidden or confusing fees. There is also a single kennel plan charge (included in the kennel price) that covers all of your pets and their life care, providing them with 24-hour access to an emergency veterinarian when necessary. 


A short guide to Dog Crates

Dog crates are dog products that help dogs to stay in the right place. Some crates let your pet sleep and move around, while others prevent it from doing so. Choose the best type of product for you or your dog to make sure its comfort levels remain high all over time. For example, choose a crate with lots of ventilation holes if you want an animal that’s suffering from heat exhaustion get one with a seat and foot holders if it got 

Dog crates and dog kennels help you to house your pet in the right place. A secure crate or dog enclosure can be a big help in preventing any type of harm from your puppy to yourself, especially when travelling by plane.


  1. The crate is a place for your dog to spend time in his house. It’s great because it protects him from predators and other dangers when you aren’t around, but at the same time he gets used to its smell after some hours of being there and thus you can use the crate more efficiently by packing snacks that are good for giving dogs pleasure while they stay in their crate. 


  1. If a crate doesn’t have enough space or if your

Most people think crate training is only for dogs and puppies but that’s not true. Crate training can be used to train even your standard or extra large dog. A crate provides a secure place for your pet which prevents the uncomfortable situation of being left alone in a room with no supervision at all.


A fresh air kennel is an enclosure that keeps your pet away from the heat and cold air in a yard. It has been made to keep your pets safe, comfortable and alive. A fresh air kennel offers hangers for all kinds of dogs like labs, german shepherds or terriers who suffer from arthritis pain in joints playing with them freely (well most of the time). Fresh Air Kennels are also useful for pups owners who want to provide ample fresh air | Newsphere by AF themes.