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25 Gorgeous Blue Bedrooms – Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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blue bedroom ideas

Jose Manuel Alorda

From Prussian to Tiffany to cobalt, it’s safe to say designers are mad about blue. The cool hue, renowned for its ability to incite feelings of calmness is a designer go-to for bedrooms. While some revere hushed shades of blue that conjure up visions of sea and sky, others prefer more attention-getting shades—think: royal blue and cerulean—that evoke nautical notes, especially when paired with snippets of bright white. And let’s not forget the moodiest iterations of all: indigo and navy. Both hues pair effortlessly with neutrals like cognac (not to mention, quasi-neutrals like leopard), and have a knack for making even basics like plain white bedding look magnificently richer.

If you’ve been rhapsodizing about a blue bedroom, consider pulling inspiration from traditional blue decor. Ginger jars, for instance, can provide a dramatic jumping-off point for blue bedrooms, as can classic textiles like blue and white toile or ticking stripes. If darker shades of blue better suit your aspirations, consider adopting traditional indigo-dyed fabrics like Japanese shibori cloth or African mudcloth as your muse. Blue’s sereneness also makes it one of the most accessible shades to experiment with pattern-on-pattern decorating. For a maximalist blue bedroom, layer ikats, damask, and block-prints with abandon. Most designers will attest: blue-on-blue pattern is as close as you can get to foolproof.

To get you even more inspired, we’ve rounded up a bevy of beautiful blue bedroom ideas. Click through the slideshow below to discover exactly why when it comes to bedrooms, designers are eternally tangled up in blue.

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Blue Crush

A striking shade of azure makes a perfect complement to tropical rattan elements in this airy bedroom designed by Scott Sanders.


Blue Velvet

To imbue a bedroom with an element of dramatic couture, the firm Laura U, Inc. installed a custom navy blue velvet headboard.


Scrawl on the Walls

Displaying exactly why blue and white is the ultimate color match-up is this charming bedroom designed by James Thomas Interiors.


Electric Geometrics

This alluring bedroom by Scott Sanders features an array of blue and white pattern play.


Indigo World

Striking indigo walls provide a soulful backdrop for a unique curation of global textiles in this bedroom masterminded by Austin-based designer Meredith Ellis.


Blue Romance

A bespoke tassel-covered wall treatment in an illustrious cobalt hue provides a couture touch to this avant-garde bedroom designed by San Francisco designer Jeff Schlarb.


Royal Blue & Plush

The firm Laura U, Inc. puts a fresh twist on classic red and blue by opting for shades of royal blue and burgundy in this luxurious bedroom.


Blissfully Blue

Designer Kim Armstrong sets a dreamy mood in this bedroom with a rich intermix of blue patterns.


Blue Rhapsody

Designer Patrick Ahearn brings new life to a classic mahogany four-poster bed courtesy of convivial shades of light blue and crisp white accents.


True Glory

Unexpected pattern play puts a fresh spin on classic red, white and blue in this winsome bedroom designed by Elizabeth Drake.


Fresh Powder

Subdued, powder-y blue walls set the tone in this soothing retreat teed up by designer Scott Sanders.


Blue Skies Overhead

A blue-painted ceiling, redolent of a cloudless, afternoon sky, imparts a dreamy aura in this retreat-like bedroom designed by Sophia Shibles.


Cerulean Rule

From the skirted nightstand to the dainty pleated shade adoring the bedside sconce, this cerulean-hued bedroom by designer Becky Neilsen is a crash course in the splendor of blue.


Cozy in Cobalt

Cobalt-colored walls lend playful gravitas to this cocooning retreat cued up by designer Jasmin Reese.


Blue Mood

Designer Chauncey Boothby applied a rich cobalt to the walls of this guest bedroom to transform it into a cozy jewel box.


Earning Your Stripes

A dynamic interplay of stripes and multiple shades of blue make this bedroom by Laura U, Inc. a sophisticated getaway.


Deploy the Navy

La Jolla, California-based designer Andrea May elected to cloak the walls of this alluring bedroom in Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray to transform it into a sophisticated escape.


Blue and Green, So Serene

A refined palette of blues and greens accented with white make this bedroom by the firm Wesley-Wayne Interiors a restful haven.


Cyan Dream

Proving that shades of blue and aqua can be every bit as glamorous as more classic pairings like black and white is this guest bedroom suite teed up by the firm Denise McGaha Interiors.


Airy Aerie

This billowy blue bedroom by designer Allison Garcy puts an ethereal shade of barely-there blue on repeat.


Blue, White & Breezy

Vibrant pops of periwinkle blue energize this beach-style bedroom designed by the Dallas-based firm Wesley-Wayne Interiors.


Burnished & Blue

Cognac and navy make a timeless and sophisticated pairing, as displayed in this sanctuary-like space assembled by the San Francisco-based firm K Interiors.


Blue Belle

A few pops of blue, including an upholstered headboard and end-of-the-bed benches, completely change the tenor of this room designed by the firm Denise McGaha Interiors.


Blue Side

A flurry of pattern—all limited to shades of blue—make this room by Wesley-Wayne Interiors as relaxing as it is vibrant.

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