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20 Kids Bathroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

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kids bathroom ideas

Mike Garten

There’s an art to designing a kid’s bathroom. As a parent, your top priority is making it functional for busy mornings, nightly bubble baths and everything in between. Your kid, on the other hand, simply wants their bathroom to be a fun escape (from their siblings, obviously). Meet both of your needs (okay, wants) with these cute kids’ bathroom ideas fit for boys and girls of all ages.

First things first: Figure out the bathroom’s color palette and overall design style. If your kid’s old enough, go ahead and ask them if they have a preference. But if they aren’t giving you any direction (or perhaps, are too young to do so), keep scrolling to see what catches your eye — a blue bathroom that brings a sense of calm, an all-white bathroom with a classic feel, floor-to-ceiling tile for added texture, monochromatic wallpaper that aligns with your home’s modern design and so on. And while these ideas may be made with a specific bathroom size in mind, you can easily tailor ’em to your own, whether your kid’s bathroom has a single stall shower, clawfoot tub or walk-in shower.

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Pretty and Pink

Paint the vanity in a dusty pink shade to play up the bathroom’s timeless elements, like gold hardware, mid-century sconces and and white subway tiles.

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Black and White All Over

Embrace the monochrome look by pairing a black and marble vanity with floral wallpaper in the same color palette. Stick to neutral-colored decor or add in a bright color to freshen things up.

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Repurposed Bar Cart

If you have room to spare, load up a rolling bar cart with anything (and everything) they might need: bath products, spare toilet paper, extra washcloths and more.

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Bold Stripes

For consistency’s sake, cover all of the walls — in and out of the shower — with striped vinyl wallpaper. Follow the same approach with the floor by taking the diamond tile from the door all the way into the shower.

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A Bright Contrast

Brighten up a small bathroom with a dynamic duo, like cobalt blue and lemon yellow. Lean heavy on one color (blue, in this case) and use the other for subtle contrast.

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Coastal Inspiration

Lobster wallpaper and rope mirrors turn a bathroom into a seaside escape. Since red walls can easily overwhelm a small space, try to keep the trim, molding and vanity as muted as possible.

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Open Shelving

Fill open shelves with cloth baskets and bins, so they can reach towels, toilet paper and other essentials with ease. Just be sure to keep cleaning products or any other potentially harmful items out of reach.

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Pops of Color

Nail the two-tone effect by installing diamond tiles on the bottom half of the walls. But don’t let the color stop there: Elevate the space with a patterned shower curtain, decorative plates and other vibrant additions.

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Traditional Accents

If guests use your kid’s bathroom from time to time, go for a more subdued look with a mix of grays, whites and blacks. Let the striped shower curtain be the focal point — or do away with stripes altogether and pick a more whimsical pattern.

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Floral Accent Wall

Instead of tiling the entire wall, cover the upper half with a colorful vinyl wallpaper that can withstand extreme moisture and heat.

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Geometric Flooring

Draw the eye up by covering the bathroom floor with blue-and-white geometric tile. To ensure a clean and crisp look, keep everything else light and bright — white walls and a farmhouse sink, for example.

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Worldly Aesthetic

The world is their oyster — and this clever design will show them exactly that. Wrap the walls in map-inspired wallpaper, so they can see all of the adventures ahead of them.

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Nautical Finishes

Give their bathroom an under-the-sea makeover á la The Little Mermaid. Bring the ocean-inspired blue walls to life with a submarine-style mirror and nautical wall art.

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Pattern Play

Trick the eye by layering patterns, colors and textures. Start with a larger medallion pattern on the floor, then cover the walls with ditsy florals and glossy subway tile.

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Sweet and Serene

Go full-on feminine by incorporating bright florals throughout the space, ranging from framed wall art to a scalloped bath mat. For a cohesive look, paint the underside of the clawfoot club in a complementary color.

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Vintage Statement

Warm up an otherwise all-white bathroom by covering one wall in a deep green shade. Affix a retro-inspired map to the wall to tie the light and dark colors together.

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Neutral Glam

Keep it neutral now — and you’ll thank us later. Bring some personality to the space with geometric wallpaper, silver sconces and statement mirrors.

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Farmhouse Feeling

Mix different finishes and textures — a brushed silver faucet, black metal light fixture and distressed wooden mirror — to give off a rustic vibe. Opt for light-colored walls, flooring and tiling, so the farmhouse accents can really pop.

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Painted Beadboard

Paint the walls in a bold hue, then keep everything else fairly neutral to create a cabin-like feel. Sprinkle in touches of the past, like a vintage washboard or photos from your summer camp days.

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Skirted Sink

Out of sight, out of mind: Hang a striped skirt to hide the inevitable clutter that an open vanity brings. When you need to grab hold of cleaning supplies, toilet paper or other bathroom extras, simply peel it back to get what you need.

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