December 7, 2022

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Where can you use the everlasting comfort bathtub pillow: At Home, Traveling, and More! 

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You had a long day. You worked hard, met with a lot of people, and you need a moment to yourself to relax. 

So, you light a candle, draw a bath filled with water at the perfect temperature and your favorite bubble bath. You settle into the tub, close your eyes, and in less than three minutes, your back starts hurting. And that’s the moment you realize — it’s time to invest in a bathtub pillow

If you enjoy taking long, relaxing soaks, I’m sure you’ve tried bathtub pillows before. But, if you’re like me, you found smaller pillows that either don’t maintain suction or just don’t provide the comfort you need. 

Life is too short to settle for less than a spa-quality soak at home. 

But the everlasting comfort bathtub pillow (which can also be purchased on Amazon), doesn’t have to stay in one place. It’s designed to go where you go. Do you travel a lot for work? Are you constantly staying in different hotel rooms? The bathtub pillow is big enough to provide next-level comfort but compact enough to transport with you wherever you go.

Bring your pillow with you on vacation, which will turn any getaway into a rejuvenating spa excursion. 

The ergonomic design fits most bathtubs and the premium foam is simply heavenly.

If you work at a computer all day, you know the important role ergonomic design plays in your day-to-day life. There’s nothing worse than putting in a long day’s work only to get up and your back is completely stiff from hunching all day and putting extra weight on your hips. 

And when you go to have a relaxing soak, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about furthering the strain on your already aching bones. Most bath pillows just focus on the neck, and can never quite seem to support your head. Inevitably, the small cushion pushes down and the top of your spine crushes into the cold and hard tub. 

That’s what makes the everlasting comfort bathtub pillow so different. The neck support actually does what it was designed to do: support your head. But where the pillow goes a step further is with the full back coverage.

The full-back coverage of the everlasting comfort bathtub pillow is designed to cradle and support you, providing lumbar support and a reprieve from the habit of hunching your shoulders over electronics. 

Your fantasy of taking a long and relaxing soak while reading your favorite book and enjoying your favorite cup of tea or glass of wine just got a lot more comfortable — and attainable. 

But you’re not just allowed to enjoy this maximum level of comfort at home. This expertly comfort-crafted pillow is portable.

While the everlasting comfort bathtub pillow may be a little bulkier than the other types of bath pillows out there, it’s still 100% portable and even comes with a hook for easy drying. 

Picture this:

You traveled to an unfamiliar city for a work conference. You’re enjoying the time to network with colleagues and potential clients, enjoying the local restaurants and taking in the sights after the day is through. But by the time you get back to your hotel room, you’re pooped. The long day of socializing, walking, and being out of your normal routine has thrown you for a loop and left you feeling drained. 

Thankfully, you brought something from home with you: your everlasting comfort bathtub pillow. Regardless if the hotel tub is smaller or bigger than your setup at home, the pillow curves to the tub’s design and you’re able to sink into a tub filled with water at the perfect temperature, with your head supported and your back relieved.  

Even better, you remembered to bring your favorite bubble bath, which you tucked in the deep pocket on the side of the pillow. 

You take a sip of the glass of wine you bought from the hotel bar and close your eyes in serenity. 

Afterward, you easily remove the pillow and hang it up to dry. 

And in a few months, when your family takes that long-awaited trip to Disney World, you’ll remember to pack your everlasting comfort bathtub pillow to decompress after a long day of kid-wrangling and park walking. 

The everlasting comfort bathtub pillow is built for more than just bathtub time.

Once you’ve tried this pillow, you’ll start looking around at other surfaces you sit on and think, “Am I really comfortable sitting here?” 

That deck chair that you love to look at, but doesn’t provide an ounce of back support can instantly be turned into an ergonomically designed comfort chair when you use the pillow as an extra layer of support. 

The comfort possibilities are limitless with this thing, and we encourage anyone who loves to maximize their comfort to go and buy yourself one — or two!

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