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Vintage Furniture – Rocking a Truly Mid Century Feel

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Vintage Furniture – Rocking a Truly Mid Century Feel

We’ve all heard the phrase that everything old is new again. There are fewer places that this is truer than in the market of retro furniture. Prized for its sleek lines, smooth design and bright colors, echoes of yesterday’s home furnishings can even be found in new pieces that are being manufactured. Of course, for modern furniture purists, these reproductions are not nearly as sought after as the actual vintage pieces are themselves. Whether used as an accent piece or as part of a whole room or house ensemble, the right vintage piece can totally pull together a room.

For many people, their whole point of reference for retro furniture is fueled by the images that they see on old reruns of 60’s and 70’s TV shows. Typically brightly colored and boldly designed, what was often shown was more over the top than was necessarily the norm of the day. There were perhaps some “swingin’ pads” in the 70’s that looked like the Brady’s home, but there were many homes that only offered one or two truly modern pieces, with the rest being slightly more traditional. Incorporating modern furniture into your home should follow that same basic principle.

Finding quality retro furniture can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look.This challenge is precisely why many people attempting to create a vintage vibe have their look fall flat. Understanding the aesthetic of the period can help keep you from attempting to pair any piece that you find that is even remotely vintage. While the period was all about the wild and raucous colors and shapes, it was not specifically about clashing! A room perfectly outfitted with modern furniture and artwork should not be an eyesore! It should be fun, functional and attractive. This is why it is important to be very selective when purchasing your vintage pieces.

Whether you are aiming to outfit an entire room in retro furniture or just want one or two pieces to punch up an otherwise bland room, there are a lot of great, funky pieces out there if you just know where to look. There are still modern furniture pieces like chairs, sofas, clocks, and artwork to help you decorate your space. You can find d├ęcor for whole room makeovers or a dazzling masterpiece to accent a nook.

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