July 19, 2024

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Modern Office Furniture Vs Traditional Office Furniture

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Over the past two decades, there has been a drastic change in the style and kind of furniture that people use in the work spaces or their large offices. People have become more practical and believe that furniture in the office should be less space consuming and more users friendly. Hence the kind of furniture that people prefer is the modular kinds and hence it is very much the kind that helps the employees to do their work comfortably and conveniently.
Office furniture which is of the modern style has many plus points over the traditional one. Modern furniture is light in weight and made with the kind of wood which can be easily molded and shaped as per the size required. Traditional furniture used to be very bulky and heavy and would use the wood which was heavy in weight and could not be molded as per the size and shape of the room. Sometimes it would happen that the office room would be smaller, however the desk would be a large bulky one with minimum usability. Moving that kind of a desk for any reason was next to impossible and hence people would be stuck with it for years to come.
Office furniture manufacturers nowadays make modular kind of furniture which is made to size and hence can be installed at the work place and even uninstalled if the office is to shift base and move to another area. It is easy to install and dismantle anytime and hence has a longer usability value. Traditional furniture would be usually made inside the room where it is to be kept and hence dismantling it is not possible. It was made by craftsmen using heavy wood and hence once fitted, it could not be removed.
With respect to cost modern day office furniture is way more economical and hence preferred by all. The kind of wood and fittings used are sold at economical rates and hence the furniture as a whole also falls within your budget. Traditional furniture was made with costly wood like teak and sandalwood and hence costed a lot. Plus, the additional charge of the craftsmanship was an extra burden. Nowadays, modular furniture is made with machines and hence the cost on craftmanship is reduced a lot. Also, the wood is cheaper than the heavy teak and redwood used earlier.
With respect to maintenance, the modular furniture manufacturers nowadays make sleek and trendy furniture. The furniture has no crevices or intricate designs where dust or dust mites might settle. Hence it is very easy to clean and sanitize. Also, the designs are very geometrical and in particular shapes like squares and rectangular or circle and oval and hence there are no intricate corners which might chip and need maintenance.
All these factors mentioned above about traditional furniture would add up a large maintenance cost for offices and hence increase in the expenditure of the business. All this has now been eliminated with the new kind of furniture which modular furniture manufacturers make.

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