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Easiest Way For Real Estate Agents to Make Passive Income

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Easiest Way For Real Estate Agents to Make Passive Income

How Do Real Estate Agents Make Money?

Real estate agents earn a commission for their services while working with clients. They can earn anywhere from 2-6% of the property listing price. The seller pays the total commission to the listing broker. That commission is then split with the buyer’s broker. Each broker will take a small amount and then give the rest to the agent.

How to Start Earning Passive Income as a Real Estate Agent

Chirpyest is not only a shopping platform, but it also offers monetization tools. Real estate agents and even agencies have created accounts to monetize their listings in unique ways. The platform offers high cash back percentages at home retailers like Soho Home, Pottery Barn, Jayson HomeLulu & GeorgiaWayfair, and more. It allows members to earn higher commissions than competitors and makes it easy to create shareable links.

Different Ways To Monetize

  • Add Chirpyest share links to the company website to encourage clients and potential clients to shop recommendations.
  • Curate shopping boards for current listings that feature furniture, home decor, hardware, appliances, etc. that are shown in the listing.
  • After creating a shopping board, have a sign with a QR code linked to the shopping board and leave it on display during open houses. People can check out the shopping board and shop while they’re exploring the open house.
  • Link the shopping board on social media platforms and encourage followers to shop!

The best part is even if you’re just a beginner or someone who loves real estate, you can become a member and share your recommendations with friends. Chirpyest is available to everyone who loves to share their finds. Sign up here🙂

Many business owners are leveraging their social media platforms to earn a passive income. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Sign up for Chirpyest and start earning!

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