May 25, 2024

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

In Sydney, replacing your roof involves a lot of money, so make sure that you are making the right decision.

Even if your roof looks old, it doesn’t mean that you need to replace it. Sometimes, you just need to clean your roof and make some repairs. Also, leaks are not a clear indicator that you need a new roof right away.

So how can you tell if you really need a new roof? Well, there will be specific warning signs, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Today, we’ll discuss the signs that it’s time to replace your roof.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your roof. So make sure to check your attic regularly, especially after a rainfall. If there are signs of water intrusion, then you might be facing serious leak problems.

If the leaks are manageable, such as it’s confined to a particular area on your roof, you can just fix them. But if they are affecting other parts of your house, then it’s time to replace your roof.

In case you’re not sure of whether you’ll replace your roof or not, you can call a roof repair company to inspect it for you.

Mould Growth

If you find mould or mildew growing on your walls or ceiling, this shows that you have a leaky roof. However, growth in your attic could also be a result of condensation issues or a plumbing problem. So before you start calling a roofing company, check first if your insulation is dry. Also, inspect if your ventilation system and plumbing lines are working properly. Fixing these things is cheaper than replacing your roof.

Roof Cracks

Strong winds can cause roof cracks. If the damages are limited to a particular area or few shingles, fixing them is the most practical solution. But if the cracks are dispersed randomly all over the roof, then replacing your roof is the best option.

You can check roof cracks even without climbing your roof. Simply go up to your attic, turn the lights off and look up at your roof. If lights are coming in, it’s a sign that you have holes and cracks in the roof.

Roof Rot

A rotting roof can cause major structural issues in your house. Wood will rot when it’s exposed to moisture for a long time. A damp environment allows the fungus to grow, and they can deteriorate a structure. So if your roof is rotting, make sure to replace it immediately to avoid facing more potential problems.

Outdated Roof

In case you are using 20 years old asphalt shingles, it’s time to replace them.

The 3-tab shingles can last for around 25 years — but that’s under ideal conditions. On the other hand, architectural shingles may last up to 30 years.

Even if your roof is not showing any warning signs, it’s best to replace it before the end of its lifespan. To give you a better idea about it, here are the life expectancies of different roofing materials:

  • Wood shingles: 30 to 40 years
  • Wood shakes: 20 to 40 years
  • Clay tile: 50 years or longer
  • Metal: 70 years
  • Slate: 100 years or longer

Replacing Your Roof

Be sure to plan your roof replacement. Don’t let the roofing company make the decisions for you. Get involved in the process to ensure that the replacement process will suit your budget. Also, always work with the trusted companies that offer services for roof repair Sydney. Doing this will assure you that the replacement roof will last longer. | Newsphere by AF themes.